Being the owner of a start-up business can be hard. Here are a few tips and tricks sourced by our professor, business experts and student entrepreneurs.


Interviewing candidates

Creating the right organizational culture

Salary negotiation

  • Finding the right candidate is hard. However, salary negotiations can be even harder! offers an excellent guide from the ground up on how to conduct salary negotiation with potential employees. Find out more on their web-site!
  • Workable offers 4 great tricks on salary negotiations. Analyze them on their web-site!

Starting a business A to Z

  • This A to Z covers everything you need to start a business. It has videos, tutorials and case studies. All of them are aimed at helping people like you get your business started. Click this link!
  • You can find support through My New Business – a dedicated resource that uses checklists to clearly highlight the tasks you need to complete at each stage of your journey.
  • Need an expert advice? Use LinkedIn that is not only the Facebook of the business world, but also a great resource for priceless expert advice.
  • LivePerson is an advice marketplace
  • Ideaswatch  is a great resource for ideas and inspiration to get you started on the right track, and at the same time, becomes the perfect startup playground for you to toss around ideas and plans.


  • SCORE– An American based network of volunteer business mentors. It focuses on small businesses, which is perfect for the business ideas we looked at before. It’s extremely reputable as it’s backed by the Small Business Administration (SBA) and has been in service since 1964.
  • MicroMentor– A free social network that lets entrepreneurs and volunteer mentors connect.
  • MentorCity– Another online mentoring matching program that connects entrepreneurs to mentors for free.

Business plan

  • encourages to do some other things instead of wasting time to prepare a business plan. Advices from Richard Harroch. Visit this link.
  • For those who needs an expert advice to prepare a business plan professionally: McKinsey Handbook – How to Write a Business Plan. Review this link!
  • Valuable source from Deloitte&Touche- Writing an Effective Business Plan. Visit this link.
  • Find out more on the key information that should be provided by business plan. Visit this page.
  • Some advice for entrepreneurs from the experience of community. Read here.
  • Read this article to learn on the development of start-up ecosystems around the world. Visit this page.


  • One of the main issues for start-ups and entrepreneurs is funding, which is available in various forms, but careful evaluation of each is needed. Learn more about this.
  • This article shows some advice how to reduce the needs for funding when starting a business. Learn more.
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